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Hello from DDM

Inläggav ddmdave » 09 jun 2010, 18:00

Hello everyone, Dave at DDM here. I just wanted to say hello!

We have created a special coupon code for users of this forum. You can use the code "rcbash" for 5% off.

Thank you for your support, and please let us know if there is anything we can do better to assist you.



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Re: Hello from DDM

Inläggav S 500 R » 09 jun 2010, 18:04

It´s so great to have you here and supporting ouer forum!!! :thumbsup:
S 500 R
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Re: Hello from DDM

Inläggav KBMCD » 09 jun 2010, 18:55

Hi, Welcome to RCBASH! Keep us posted on special deals and new items!
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Re: Hello from DDM

Inläggav J.A racing » 10 jun 2010, 06:06

Hello and welcome to Sweden DDM. :clap:
J.A racing
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Re: Hello from DDM

Inläggav waqr » 29 jun 2010, 22:22


Welcome to the forum! I just want to say that your shop is really great and that the customer service you provide is excellent. I have placed several orders (too many according to my lady :) ) during the last two years and never had a single problem.

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